HP laptops Price in Nepal has become one of the most searched topic for the laptops, for example HP i5 laptop price in Nepal which may be entry level laptop but provides proper services . HP have become one of the major hits in the market of Nepal. It provides a wide variety of laptop for the customer to choose from according to the users need. In here, we have arranged a series and list of laptops that is currently in hype among the users and is available to purchase in Nepal. Each of the HP laptops has its own unique features that fulfills the users need accordingly. HP Laptops are also available in EMI at Fatafat Sewa.


HP Laptops Price in Nepal:

Traditional Series

Followings are the entry level laptops that the HP has provided but that does not mean that it can do just entry level things. It is more than that, even in the entry level laptops you can get specification and features that can suffice your needs of the high end laptops. It includes HP laptop and HP Notebook series.

HP 1414″ HDIntel i5-10210URadeon 5304GB128GB SSDRs.79990
HP 1414″ HDIntel i5-10210URadeon 5308GB128GB SSD + 1TB HDDRs.86990
HP 1414″ FHDRyzen 5 5500URadeon8GB256GB SSDRs.89990
HP 1515.6″ FHDIntel i7-1165G7Intel Iris Xe8GB256GB SSDRs.104990
HP 15z15.6″ FHDRyzen 5 5500URadeon8GB256GB SSDRs. 91990
Notebook 14 202014″ HDIntel i3-1005G1Intel HD4GB1TB HDDRs. 59000
Notebook 14 202114″ FHDRyzen 5 5500Radeon8GB256GB SSDRs. 90000
Laptop 15 202115.6″ FHDIntel i5-1135G7Intel Iris Xe8GB256GB SSDRs. 8,000
Laptop 15s 202015.6″ FHDIntel i7-1065G7MX3308GB1TB HDDRs.105000
HP Traditional Laptop Price in Nepal


HP pavilion series is more focused towards mainstreams users. It is designed with a aim of exceling at every customer needs . With the availability of CPU from Ryzen and Intel this series , offers a great processing speed . HP i5 laptops price in Nepal are more affordable in comparison to other laptops . With it’s impressive graphic cards normal photo editing and basic gaming can run smoothly in these laptops . HP pavilion series offers SSD as storage which means these laptop will be pretty fast to load basic application . With price ranging from Nrs 109000 to 135000 HP pavilion series in Nepal price are affordable than other laptops . With great speakers and great display qualities , you can enjoy music and movies more effectively in these laptops . If you are searching a laptop to enjoy music and movies then this laptops are made just for you .

Pavilion 15 202115.6″ FHDRyzen 7 5700URadeon Vega 88GB512GB SSDRs.109000
Pavilion X360 14 202114″ FHD TouchIntel i5-1135G7Radeon Vega 88GB256GB SSDRs.111000
Pavilion Power 15 202015.6″ FHDIntel i5-10300HGTX 16508GB256GB SSDRs.108000
Pavilion Power 15 202015.6″ FHD 144HzIntel i5-10300HGTX 1660 Ti8GB512GB SSDRs.135000
HP Pavilion Series Laptop Price in Nepal

Envy series 

So HP envy series laptops in Nepal are abit more expensive than HP Pavilion series . HP envy series laptop price in Nepal ranges from Rs 115000 to 148000 . These laptops are absolutely best if you are lookiing for a laptops with fast processing and great display . These series offers both i5 and i7 processors . These laptops are great for gamers who play hardcore game . These laptops also works greatly if you are a into programming . So if you are gamers and programmers who is looking for good laptops , this laptop is just for you .

Envy 13 202013.3″ 4K UHD TouchIntel i7-1065G7Intel Iris Plus8GB512GB SSDRs.148000
Envy 13 202113.3″ FHDIntel i5-1135G7Intel Iris Xe8GB256GB SSDRs.115000
Envy x360 13M 202113.3″ FHD TouchIntel i7-1165G7Intel Iris Xe8GB512GB SSDRs.140000 
HP Envy Series Laptops

Victus Series

In 2021, the HP surprised everyone with its new Gaming laptop Victus 16 which is a mid range gaming laptop. The Victus series is not only budget friendly, but also provides best gaming experience for its customer due to the specs that it gives .

hp victus in nepal at fatafatsewa
Victus 1615.6″ FHDRyzen 5 5600HRadeon RX 5500M8GB256GB SSDRs.125000

Omen series

Omen Series is the best series for gaming users. These series support i5 and i7 CPU. Omen series comes with 16GB ram installed in it. It supports GPUs like RTX 3050 Ti, RTX 3060. Omen 16 has a display of 16.1 FHD. These are the HP laptops in Nepal where the gaming user search for it. Omen series HP i5 laptops price in Nepal is listed below.

HP Omen series laptops price in Nepal Fatafat Sewa
HP Omen Series Laptop in Fatafat Sewa
Omen 16 202116.1″ FHDIntel i5-11400HRTX 3050 Ti16GB512GB SSDRs.165000
Omen 16 202116.1″ QHD 165HzIntel i7-11800HRTX 306016GB512GB SSDRs.199999

Spectre series

Spectre series HP laptops are the best laptops with high display and also support touch. The spectre 15 series is a 360 convertible. The spectre 13 comes with 8GB ram installed with 512gb SSD. These laptops use CPU of Intel i7 and GPU Iris Plus. The spectre 15 X360 comes with 16GB ram installed with 512GB SSD. Spectre 15 X360 uses the CPU i7-1065G7 and GPU MX250. Spectre 15 x360 series has a display of 15.6 inches with full 4K touch. Also, the spectre 13 series has a display of 13.3 with an FHD touch. These HP laptops in Nepal are now available with reasonable price .

Spectre 1313.3″ FHD TouchIntel i7-1065G7Iris Plus8GB512GB SSDRs.185000
Spectre 15 X36015.6″ 4K TouchIntel i7-1065G7MX25016GB512GB SSDRs.225000

HP Laptops Price in Nepal (Summary 2022)

HP Traditional series price and specification in Nepal :

Traditional series are the cheapest HP Laptops in Nepal . HP i5 laptop price in Nepal and HP i7 laptop price in Nepal is listed below :

HP MODELSPrice in Nepal
HP 14 (14″ HD, Intel i5-10210U, Radeon 530, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD)Rs.79990
HP 14 (14″ HD, Intel i5-10210U, Radeon 530, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD)Rs.86990
HP 14 (14″ FHD, Ryzen 5 5500U, Radeon, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)Rs.89990
HP 15 (15.6″ FHD, Intel i7-1165G7, Intel Iris Xe, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)Rs.104990
HP 15z (15.6″ FHD, Ryzen 5 5500U, Radeon, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)Rs.91990
Notebook 14 2020 (14″ HD, Intel i3-1005G1, Intel HD, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD)Rs.59000
Notebook 14 2021 (14″ FHD, Ryzen 5 5500, Radeon, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)Rs.90000
Laptop 15 2021 (15.6″ FHD, Intel i5-1135G7, Intel Iris Xe, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)Rs.88000
Laptop 15s 2020 (15.6″ FHD, Intel i7-1065G7, MX330, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD)Rs.105000
HP i5 laptop price in Nepal

HP Pavilion Series laptop Price in Nepal

HP Pavilion laptops are best for basic gaming with great audio and display quality .

HP MODELSPrice in Nepal
Pavilion 15 2021 (15.6″ FHD, Ryzen 7 5700U, Radeon Vega 8, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD)Rs.109000
Pavilion X360 14 2021 (14″ FHD Touch, Intel i5-1135G7, Radeon Vega 8, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)Rs.111000
Pavilion Power 15 2020 (15.6″ FHD, Intel i5-10300H, GTX 1650, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)Rs.108000
Pavilion Power 15 2020 (15.6″ FHD 144Hz, Intel i5-10300H, GTX 1660 Ti, 8GB RAM,512GB SSD)Rs.135000
HP pavilion i5/i7 price in Nepal

HP Envy Series Laptop Price in Nepal

HP Envy Series Laptop are good for gaming . It is expensive than Pavilion series .

HP MODELSPrice in Nepal
Envy 13 2020 (13.3″ 4K UHD Touch, Intel i7-1065G7, Intel Iris Plus, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD)Rs.148000
Envy 13 2021 (13.3″ FHD, Intel i5-1135G7, Intel Iris Xe, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)Rs.115000
Envy x360 13M (13.3″ FHD Touch, Intel i7-1165G7, Intel Iris Xe, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD)Rs.145000
HP Envy Laptop price in Nepal

HP Victus Series Laptop Price in Nepal

HP victus series laptop are one of the beast in gaming . Gaming laptop price in Nepal are :

HP MODELSPrice in Nepal
Victus 16 (16.1″ FHD, Ryzen 5 5600H, Radeon RX 5500M, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD)Rs.125000
HP Victus Series Price in Nepal

HP Omen Series Price in Nepal

Omen Series gaming laptop price in Nepal are :

HP MODELSPrice in Nepal
Omen 16 2021 (16.1″ FHD, Intel i5-11400H, RTX 3050 Ti, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD)Rs.165000
Omen 16 2021 (16.1″ QHD 165Hz, Intel i7-11800H, RTX 3060, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD)Rs.199999
HP gaming Laptop Price in Nepal

HP Spectra Series Price in Nepal

HP Spectra gaming laptop price in Nepal are :

HP MODELSPrice in Nepal
Spectre 13 (13.3″ FHD Touch, Intel i7-1065G7, Iris Plus, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD)Rs.185000
Spectre 15 X360 (15.6″ 4K Touch, Intel i7-1065G7, MX250, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD)Rs.225000
HP Spectra i7 price in Nepal

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