Remax Price in Nepal differentiates according to the quality. Meanwhile, it has a variety of products and accessories available in Nepal. Just like Purple and Anker this brand also deals in accessories. Gadgets like earphones, TWS earbuds, mobile cables, charger docks, microphones are available. It is a sub-brand of Hongkong Industrial (Asia) Limited. Likewise, the various Remax Accessories price in Nepal are provided below. The various accessories of Remax in Nepal are now available in Fatafat Sewa.

Remax products have a history of bringing out the best quality technology product. Bluetooth speakers, earbuds cables, chargers, docks, and many more gadgets are people’s daily needs. Most people don’t prefer substitute brand products because they don’t believe it. So, Remax gives the assurance of their product. Some of the widely popular Remax product in Nepal are :

Remax Power Banks in Nepal

Remax Powerbank Price in Nepal
Powerbanks price in Nepal

Remax Power Banks price in Nepal is around Rs.3000. These power banks are extremely useful in a country like ours. This is especially great if you are a frequent travelers as electricity might not be available at all parts of Nepal. The highest quality power banks from Remax wont affect your battery at all. The multi-purpose nature of Remax powerbanks in Nepal helps you to charge multiple phones at a same time. And, the coolest part about these device is it puts your device security first. Additionally, Remax uses super advanced technologies which doesn’t let your phone to over-heat snf over charging. Other brilliant feature that Remax powerbanks it seamlessly charges your wireless device. For example if you have smartphone that supports wireless charging then it can still effortlessly charge your phone even if you have phone case on.

Here are the list of Remax powerbanks price in Nepal:

Remax Powerbanks price in Nepal:

Remax powerbanks in NepalPrice in Nepal
REMAX Lango Series Power Bank RPP-167Rs.2999
REMAX Mini Pro 22.5w Fast Charging Power Bank RPP 190Rs.4999
REMAX Lango Series Power Bank RPP 166Rs.2499
Fast Charging 20000mAh Wireless Powerbank RPP-207Rs.3600
Remax powerbanks price in Nepal

Remax Speaker Price in Nepal

Remax Speaker Price in Nepal

Many companies have launched Bluetooth speakers. But Remax has launched a different version of Bluetooth speaker plus it is Waterproof IPX7 rated. So don’t worry about the speaker being short circuit from water. You can play the music inside the water it doesn’t matter. likewise there are various models of Bluetooth speakers launched by the Remax company. Therefore some comes with advance integrated processor that reduces noise.

Remax Bluetooth Speaker:

Remax Bluetooth Speaker in NepalPrice in Nepal
REMAX Star Series Outdoor Wireless Speaker RB-M28proRs. 8399
REMAX Famous Desktop Bluetooth Speaker RB-M46Rs. 4699
Remax Alarm Bluetooth Speaker RB-M52Rs.3999
REMAX RB-M33 Bluetooth SpeakerRs. 4299
Remax Bluetooth Speaker

Headphone Price in Nepal

Remax Headphone Price in Nepal

Remax now have launched various series of headphones. Both for gaming and for music lovers. The main motive of Remax is to provide better sound quality audio to the users.If you are into headphones then you can also check our blog on AQFiT and HOCO. Therefore the company have launched the various headphone to the user. some of the Remax headphone price in Nepal are listed below.

Headphone Price in Nepal:

Remax headphone price in Nepal Price in Nepal
Remax Wireless Gaming Headphone RB-750HB With CableRs. 2999
RM 805 HeadphoneRs. 2199
Remax RB-660HB Wireless HeadphoneRs. 3999
Headphone price in Nepal


Beside the Remax Accessories price in Nepal there are also various accessories available in Fatafat Sewa. You can official visit our website more more information and purchasing the product.

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